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USA Today article: Home video sales slide, more opt for Blu-ray players

Here's a dated, but still interesting USA TODAY article from when Blu-ray was first introduced.  To read the entire article click here.

Musicians, Wedding Videographers, and Video Producers embrace Blu-ray format

Rocker Neil Young has released his entire music archive on Blu-ray discs, a sign that the discs' capabilities are building appeal among musicians as well as movie studios.  Many other musicians plan to follow...

Blu-ray discs hold much more data than DVDs, and offer much better picture and sound quality.


Blu-ray Disc Storage Specs

The standard Blu-ray disc holds 25 gigabytes on a single layer and about 50 gigabytes on a dual layer disc.  The Blu-ray disc does this by using a precision blue/violet laser, rather than the red laser ray used in regular DVD.  The Blu-ray player is basically a computer that plays discs.  It has a processor (usually a 1.4GB) and 512 MB of RAM.  This allows the Blu-ray player to multitask in several ways - it can use pop up menus, show a picture in picture and interact with disc content all at the same time as it shows exceptional picture resolution.


Blu-ray Case Inserts - Matte, Matte High Res, Laser Gloss or Inkjet Gloss from Professional Label


Blu-ray Standard Size Case Insert Cover Wraps

Professional Label now has a complete line up of printable Blu-ray case case inserts for any application from archival disc identification to high end laser gloss or inkjet glossy full bleed inserts (lightweight glossy Item #JG43383 gives you the ability to print past the edge of the insert).  These  are manufactured to match the Blu-ray case window specs and will give you a custom fit insert when outside bleed edges are detached.  They are "Clean Edge" perforated into legal size sheets (patent pending) for easy printer setup.  These will give your Blu-ray HD project a professional look.  Free template download at

Blu-ray Slim Case Insert Cover Wraps

Our newest Slim case printable Blu-ray case insert product is the item # BLU1038 and it is a high resolution glossy insert for the SLIM Blu-ray case.  Cast coated for high resolution on inkjet printers. Fast drying and non-smearing.  Photo quality and micro perforations for clean edge detaching after printing.  Compatible with inkjet and laser printers.  The master sheet is an easy to print on legal size sheet that tears down to 10 5/17 x 5 7/8 inches and is a custom fit for the slim Blu-ray case outer clear sleeve.

Click below to view our YouTube videos of Blu-ray Inkjet Photo Gloss Inserts being produced.



Blu-ray Cases from

Our Standard size and Slim size Blu-ray cases are manufactured to match the Blu-ray specs and will give your Blu-ray project a professional look.  We also sell case inserts that are a custom fit for the clear outside window sleeve on these blu-ray cases.

blu-ray cases with silver embossed logo

Blu-ray standard size and slim size cases

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